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How to Choose the Best Camping Tents

Camping is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding outdoor activities you can partake in. You have to work to achieve results, but they are always worth it and it is rare that you don't have a fun time on a camping trip. There's so much to enjoy, from hiking to a scenic and secluded spot, to pitching camping tents and cooking a basic, but delicious and comforting meal afterwards. Camping really is a must for outdoors lovers, especially during the summer months. 

One of the most important pieces of gear you have to consider on your trip is, naturally, a tent for camping. It provides you with a place to sleep and shelter from bad weather conditions. There are many different types of tents and you need to make sure that you have the right one that is suitable for your trek. If you are still unsure, continue reading and we'll map out the contributing facts that are needed in order to choose the best piece and make the most of your outdoor adventure. 


The size of the tent you need is definitely one of the biggest factors in choosing camping tents. Will you be camping in the tent alone or is there at least two of you? The tents can vary in size with single options to as many as twelve people tents available. If there is a big group of you going camping, it makes sense to bring a few larger tents than just a single one for everybody. This will save car space and you can share the load. This is ideal for sites that you can drive directly to. However, if you have to hike to your final campsite destination, carrying a large tent can be awkward and tedious, even if you are taking turns doing it. It can also be somewhat dangerous if you have to climb up narrow paths, you may get caught carrying larger tents. For cases like this, it is advisable that each of you takes a single or share two person compact camping tents that are not difficult to carry. 


Nobody can predict the weather completely accurately, but if you are an experienced camper, or want to do it the right way then you have probably looked at the type of weather you are likely to experience on your camping trip. You will also have an idea of temperature and precipitation from the season you go camping in. As you've probably guessed, the types of tents that you need for winter and camping in cold-weather conditions need to be heavier and offer more protection than camping tents used in the summer months. Camping tents that will be used in the cold need some extra layers to shield the wind and snow and need to be pegged into frozen ground properly. Summer camping tents can be lighter to keep you cool during the day but also provide protection against bugs at night. 

Camping is an amazing way to enjoy the great outdoors so simply choose the right tent, pack some gear, plan your route and go!

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